a little mind to cherish

Mrs. Juju has struggled through her life for about 11 years running her job as a trash collector. A trash collector, she chose to be, was the only best decision she could have decide. She didn’t want to be a beggar instead, by her reason that to live a real life is to use every single effort you have, and not by begging other people for any excuse. Her strong principle has brought her to a profession that she founds out to be something she declares as a pleasure. She didn’t mind of having such a hard life, working in all situation at almost everyday, as long as she could buy herself something to eat and as far as she could have a place to sleep.

she's mrs. juju

“I guess I should just be thankful for what God has given me. I still have a home, and my children that I could still hold on to” said Mrs. Juju in quite a small voice. A home that she means to us, might appear very different from what we expect a real home should be. The 3x4 meters square of a land in Bangbayang Bandung is said to be the place she has lived in since about 11 years ago. There inside were also the homes for the other people that runs the same job like Mrs. Juju. The place wasn’t quite appropriate for living, seeing that all the trashes were piled up together and shaped almost as tall as their homes. It is hard to believe seeing the fact that a 68 year old woman could still get along with her life working as a trash collector, and living in the same place for about 11 years since then. She worked this all alone without her husband, whom had died 6 years before.

on one's head

The most interesting part was how she could manage her life without complaining how hard she could suffer, she was just trying to live her life the way it is supposed to be and seeing the good sides she got from her long way of will. While on the other side, mainly at her age, she could have been spending her time with her grand children or doing something for her leisure time. She feels so much thankful for what God has given her, nevertheless, she likes to feel lucky too, whenever she could find herself a food which is still worth eating in places where she often pick trashes. Since the time she started to run her job, she always carries her trash bag on her head, which is really not an easy thing to do, even for men. The trash bag is weight about 9-10 kilos, and the only way she could carry it is just by putting it on to her head. She didn’t mind at all, although she had some recent problems with her left feet, all she wanted to do was just doing her responsibility to keep her and her family living.

condition her house

Then I just suddenly realized of how much, we could not count out for people, whom are expecting over and over for things as if they would not get enough for life. Perhaps too, we hadn’t opened our eyes, yet, to take a big look at how much we have been given, comparing to the others beneath us. We used to think of an idea of how to achieve our ambitions, while at the same time, those people around us are more needed to care.

The lack of empathy, might as well be the reason why we tend to lose our sympathy and help to those other ‘Mrs.Juju’. We would prefer more to think about what is good for us. In fact, I do. And there I go, I realized that I made a mistake by not looking toward the reality I know see. Well, in the case that I’ve explained here, to me, I guess we just need to start to look and see the real surroundings that is not far from where we are standing now.

After days I’ve been looking over at how Mrs. Juju lives her life, I began to think that there is actually nothing happier than to cherish of what we have in life, thus it would give us lessons to thank and respect every single way of our life, how it is given, and how it is made for us to always remember giving.

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