2011 - it wasn't so special, too many regretful what i've done before. many conflict, sadness and separation, i can't believe that. i can't taking good care what i had earlier, and perhaps now somebody takes place. i hate it, i'm regret. i'm geting mad to what i've done before. every time i feel like being mad because of little thing, because i feel lost. but now i realize, it occurs due to the implication of all my fault. so stupid. life is the ups and the downs, everybody gets their turn. i have to understand and accept it.

now i've already 20 years old. i've changes a lot, i never thought shall be as these now. i wanna say many thanks to all people who give me a strength, prayers and support. especially for you, my stranger.  you bring me peace and you make me smile, you give me strength and all the while. you are everything to me and my hearts beats just for you, it only beats for you. i should waiting you, no matter what hurt is, surely i know and i believed it would be paid off with happiness, love and everything that we will get later.

i have tried and prayed every night. i have dreams to chase, people to help and love to share. i have learned a worth lessons from 2011. 

papoy hahaha :p

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